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Many thanks for your interest in this project which was set up to mark the launch of IBM's new Africa research lab and to crowdsource images that illustrate Africa's biggest challenges and opportunities. The project has generated over 1200 photos by more than 900 participants in 25 African countries. After a comprehensive review and discussion by the judges, we are proud to announce the three winners and 40 runners up.

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Capture or render original images that best define one or more of the competition

Category 1:
African Grand Challenges

What are the grand challenges that need to be addressed for Africa to realise its full potential? For example, could they be:

  • Improved access to food and drinkable water?
  • Health services in places where one doctor has to attend to more than 1,000 people?
  • Universal access to electricity in cities where only 20% of the population have access to it?
  • Transportation in cities, where travelling two kilometres can currently take over an hour on the roads?
  • Or is it the ability to hold governments accountable and track their progress? Share the images that best illustrate your country’s biggest challenges, focus areas and opportunities for transformation.

Category 2:
African City Systems

What systems do African cities depend on?

  • Infrastructure like roads, buildings and bridges?
  • Organisations and systems that manage a city's transportation, healthcare, security, government, water or energy services?
  • The systems we use to live and communicate - such as telephones, internet and social media?
  • Or are they the places in a city where people and communities come together, such as markets, bus stations, town squares and sports stadiums?

What makes a city smart? Capture images that define how a city lives and breathes.

Category 3:
African Innovation

What are the solutions that people are implementing across Africa to overcome everyday challenges?

  • New technologies applied to address perennial problems such as solar panels and wind turbines?
  • Old technologies that continue to give a new lease of life? For example, radio is used to deliver education in remote regions.
  • The creative ways in which individuals or communities live, communicate and trade? For example, mobile money transfer systems, information systems and applications.
  • Or is it the low-tech but effective homemade devices such as seed planters, paraffin lamps and shoes made from recycled materials?
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